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Calendar of 2024 MERAL events:
NEAF - (Not in MERAL, but close!) - April 20-21
Staunton River Star Party - March 4 - 10, Sept 30-Oct 6
South Jersey Astro Club Star Party - May 2-5
Mega Meet, Pulpit Rock, PA - May 3-5
Northern Virginia Astronomy Club Astronomy Day - May 4

York County Star Party #1 - June 5-9   #2 - September 4-8
Cherry Springs Star Party - June 6-9
Green Bank Star Quest - July 3-6
Astronomical League Convention Kansas City MO - July 17-20

Stellafane in Vermont -  (Not in MERAL) - August 1-4
WV Astrophotography Conference
- Blackwater Falls Park - Aug 2-4
Almost Heaven Star Party - Circleville, WV - Aug 30-Sept 3
Astronomy Weekend at Blackwater Falls State Park - Sept 12-14
Northern Virginia Astronomy Club Star Gaze - September 28
Black Forest  Star Party - September 6-8
James River State Park Star Party, Gladstone, VA - November 1/2
Click on the event name below for more information

Rockland Community
College, NY
Staunton River Star Party
Staunton River State Park, VA

South Jersey Astronomy Club Star Party
Belleplain State Forest, NJ

Mega Meet, Pulpit Rock, PA
(not a MERAL club, but in our region)
Cherry Springs
Star Party

Cherry Springs State Park, PA
York County
Star Party

Susquehannock State Park, PA
BVA July 06 008.jpg
NOVAC astro day.jpeg
Leigh Valley.png
Astronomical League Convention
Hosted by Astronomical Society of Kansas City
(in Vermont, not in MERAL
WV Astrophotography.jpg
Almost Heaven Star Party
Spruce Knob Mountain Center Circleville, WV
Black Forest
Star Party

Cherry Springs State Park, PA
James River State Park Star Party
James River State Park, Gladstone, VA
Almost heaven star party.png
NOVAC astro day.jpeg
BVA July 06 008.jpg
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